• Grabado Termo Impresion Hot Stamping Metal Die

Hot Stamping Dies

Metal dies.

Metal Hot Stamping Dies are the best solution for large productions. The printing quality remains unchanged through long production cycles.

We manufacture flat or 3d shape dies with the highest precision. We can use existing geometries as well as perform reverse engineering. We also read original 3D CAD files.

Our products are manufactured with a special restricted geometry that ensure maximum production and quality printing.

We have/use? different material alloys according to the needs of each process.

We check each product independently to ensure the maximum quality.

Silicone dies.

Silicone is a flexible material with thermal insulation. Thanks to the use of a special charge, we can make this rubber heat conductive without losing its bending properties. This ensures a fast set up, while helping to absorb small defects of the pieces.

Our silicone HS dies are known for their excellent productivity and an unmatched printing quality. The cost / production ratio of our prints are a reference in the market.

We make all kinds of silicones, from small and simple cosmetic decorations, to the large and complex ones for the automotive industry.